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How Donate A Loo started

The idea for Donate A Loo Schools Project was started by Helene Bramwell. She was deeply moved after hearing about the plight of a young child who fell into a pit latrine and subsequently died. It moved her so much that she decided that something had to be done to prevent further deaths.

“While you’re sitting on the loo, think of those that need one too”.

Children Impacted By Unsafe and Unsanitary School Toilets

Like most South Africans, she looked for some way to help, but couldn’t find any. This prompted her into action and she decided to do something, and Donate A Loo was borne.

Helene approached some of her clients and suppliers to help fund the installation of some toilets. She approached local political parties and NGOs to find out how she could help the schools with the biggest need. Sadly the need is so vast that it was almost overwhelming, some friends bandied around and helped with the enormous undertaking.

As with all the country’s challenges, things are never simple, before any loos could be donated, Helene had to firstly:

  • Register Donate A Loo as a Not-For-Profit organisation.
  • Register with SARS to enable Section 18A certificates.
  • Find nursery schools with enough space to install toilets.
  • Find out whether there running water or other sanitation facilities?
  • Find willing partners to spead the load.

What does Donate A Loo do?

The Donate A Loo Schools Project aims to provide safe, reliable, decent sanitation as a means to restore dignity to school children.

Donate A Loo Schools Project has already installed 18 loos in Paradise Bend, Durban Deep, Kgotso Nursery School and Remogatswe Nursery School.

“We will be rolling out this project to more créches and nursery schools as we receive funding,” says Helene Bramwell, Founder of the Donate A Loo.

Donate A Loo Donor Certificate

The Problem With Pit Latrines and Sanitation Facts

Example of a Pit Latrine

Lack of access to proper toilets leads to all sorts of health problems for school children, including contaminated drinking water.

  • Every year 361 000 children under five years of age die due to diarrhea which is linked to poor sanitation and contaminated water.
  • It is a major killer of children around the world.
  • Pit latrines contribute to groundwater contamination.
  • There are almost 4 000 pit latrines in SA’s schools’. Kamva Somdyala, News 24

The School Sanitation Challenge

  • Schools without water.
  • Schools with pit toilets.
  • Toilets without privacy.
  • Schools with sanitation but pit toilets remain.
  • Schools without or inadequate sanitation.
  • Sanitation not fit for purpose (age appropriate).
  • Unsanitary toilets are a carrier for disease.

Examples of unsafe and unsanitary toilets

Our plans for the future

The deeper we get into this project, the better we understand the challenges and begin to get a grip on the enormity of the need we have identified.

Donate A Loo Schools Project are now placing loos in crèches and nursery schools in informal areas. We have found that there is less bureaucracy which make implementation faster. The ‘gogos’ (grannies) that own the schools are more motived. This has worked well as the very young children are taught proper hygiene and sanitation while caring for the loos.

In this way we will be able to help more children, sooner.

South Africa’s Corporate Social Investment for the future.

We Are Working With Rotary

Donate A Loo Schools Project has been adopted by the Rotary Club of Johannesburg New Dawn as one of the worthy causes it supports.

The Club’s vision is to Make a sustainable difference in the lives of young people in Jozi.

It aims to provide services that empower and sustain, to establish partnerships with communities for the uplifting of young people, and to give sustainable support to children in need.

Supported by

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It believes Donate A Loo Schools Project will achieve all of these things.

The Rotary Club of Johannesburg New Dawn hopes to help identify schools where the Donate A Loo Schools Project will improve the quality of children’s lives.

It also aims to assist in raising the funds needed to ensure adequate water supplies, the repairing of existing ablution facilities or installation of waterless toilets at these schools through public donations, multiplied with the help of the global network of Rotary clubs and their governing body, Rotary International.

The establishment of public toilets in Chicago was Rotary’s first ever public service project, initiated by the founder of the humanitarian organisation, Illinois attorney Paul Harris, in 1907.

Water, sanitation and hygiene remain a priority today and form part of Rotary’s six areas of focus. The other areas are: peace and conflict resolution and prevention; disease prevention and treatment; maternal and child health; basic education and literacy; and economic and community development.

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