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Let’s help people make better decisions on a nutrient-replete stomach.

Rotarians, especially those in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal affected by the looting and pillaging of the past week, must be itching to find a way to help those people who have been impacted the worst.

One smallish way in which club members can help, is by donating funds to buy and distribute e’Pap in Alexandra township in Sandton, one of the worst hit areas.

Jeni Lobel has put the club into contact with Econocom Foods, where we’ll buy 500g packets of e’Pap and possibly of e’Soup and pass them on to Paul Channon, who’ll use his network in Alex to distribute it to the needy. Paul, who is also chairman of the Alexandra Education Committee, has pledged to match whatever the club donates with funds the AEC has received to use as they see fit, a very generous offer indeed.

The e’Pap Foundation has given Rotary a special price of R22.50 per packet of e’Pap and R890 for a bale of 20kg, consisting of 40 x 500g packets. Please make a donation directly into the Club’s bank account or via the donation below.

(The Rotary Club of Johannesburg New Dawn, FNB, 62217422609, branch code 250455 or 250655 for EFTs, SWIFT code FIRNZAJJ)

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Co-founders of e’Pap
The late great Basil Kransdorff and his wife, Rose, co-founders of e’Pap, at the Hyde Park shopping mall in Johannesburg on Mandela Day 2015. In the cabinet is Basil’s honorary doctorate photo and his Rotary Paul Harris Fellow award

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